Mens Jackets

Suit up with a range of men’s jackets including Tweed Jackets, Tailcoat Jacket, Tailored, Tuxedo and Pic n Pic. What 4 The Wedding would pick for different events: Tweed Jackets are perfect for a more country-feel ceremony or for a day out at the races. Tailcoat Jackets for more of a high end and classical suit look. Tailored for the perfect fit. Tuxedo is the perfect jacket for a luxury look or dinner party vibes. Pic n Pic jacket is a great addition for all sorts of wedding days. Quality men’s jackets to make your wedding day fabulous and fitted to your style. An ideal suit for you is waiting here at 4 The Wedding. We believe in supplying the best as your wedding day could be the most important day of your entire life. A life-long commitment deserves you wearing nothing but the best suit that is suited for you. Remember photographs can last forever.

Even if you purely want a suit for everyday or business use, we have the perfect collection for you to look at and purchase to make everyday feel a little better in a jacket you feel comfortable in. Take your time to search through our collection of suit jackets, or for a more specific jacket in mind, browse the jackets categories. After finding the right jacket for you, piece it together with the matching suit items to complete your wedding day or business look: Waistcoats, Trousers, Shirts and Shoes to complete your suit look. Alternatively, go straight to the full Suit category.

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